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In my opinion, people can't believe or not, and people can't believe or not. Running an enterprise is the same as being a person. Only honesty can make entrepreneurs more respected. Especially in the post-financial crisis era, in order to run a good enterprise, first of all, we should establish our own enterprise integrity system. From the director's management concept, honesty is regarded as our own ethical standard for running an enterprise, and this concept is instilled into the minds of employees, so that when they produce every product, they first consider whether they can afford customers.

Officials should be politicians and morals. Those who run enterprises and do business should establish the spirit of honesty and sincerity for business.

No one believes or does not stand, no one believes or does not prosper. Market economy and business ethics also need direction guidance and positioning, to find their own direction and positioning, can be decisive over thousands of miles away. Honesty creates wealth. Honesty is the first word, believers are respected, can be respected, gather wealth, win the world.

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