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Selection of wire beam section

Posted On:2017-08-01 16:56:52

Principle for Selection of Line Beam Section
(1) The wire must be strong enough to avoid being pulled off by wind, ice or repair.
(2) The conductor should not be overheated during a long period of time through the load current to avoid damaging the insulation or causing a circuit fire.
(3) The voltage loss on the line must not be excessive.
The steps to select the wire section are as follows:
(1) When the wire bundle processing plant makes low-voltage wire bundles, the wire cross-sectional area is generally selected according to the heat of the wire, and then the voltage loss and mechanical strength conditions are used to verify.
(2) When a wire bundle processing plant makes a high-voltage wire bundle, it generally selects the cross-sectional area of the wire according to the economic current density, and then tests it with heat and voltage loss.

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