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Connector reliability test items and their test standards(top)

Posted On:2017-09-21 9:38:16

The specific test items of the connector are as follows:
First, connector power test
Reference standard: EIA-364-13
Objective: To verify that the interpolating force of the connector conforms to the product specifications.
Principle: The connector is fully plugged or pulled out at the specified rate, and the corresponding force value is recorded.
Connector durability testing
Reference standard: EIA-364-09
Objective: To evaluate the effect of repeated plugging on connectors and simulate the plugging status of connectors in practical use.
Principle: The connector is continuously inserted at a specified rate until the specified number of times is reached.
Third, connector insulation resistance test
Reference standard: EIA-364-21
Objective: To verify whether the insulation performance of the connector conforms to the requirements of the circuit design or the resistance to high temperature, humidity and other environmental stresses.
Principle: The resistance value presented by applying a voltage to the insulating part of the connector so that a leakage current is generated on the surface or inside the insulating part.
Voltage resistance testing of connectors
Reference standard: EIA-364-20
Objective: To verify whether the connector can work safely at rated voltage and can withstand over potential, and thus to assess whether the connector insulation material or insulation gap is suitable.
Principle: Between the contact parts of the connector and the contact parts, apply the specified voltage between the contact parts and the shell and maintain the specified time to observe whether the sample has breakdown or discharge.
Connector contact resistance testing
Reference standard: EIA-364-06 / EIA-364-23
Objective: To verify the resistance value of the current flowing through the contact surface of the contact element.
Principle: The resistance value is obtained by measuring the voltage drop at both ends of the connector through the specified current of the connector.
Vibration testing of connectors
Reference standard: EIA-364-28
Objective: To verify the effect of vibration on electrical connectors and their components.
Vibration type: random vibration, sinusoidal vibration.

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