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Main points of wire beam manufacturing

Posted On:2017-10-12 9:44:15

Before arranging the wire bundles, the wire beam diagram must be drawn in advance. The wire beam diagram is different from the circuit diagram. The circuit diagram is an image that describes the relationship between various electrical parts. It does not reflect how the electrical parts connect with each other, and is not affected by the size of the various electrical components and the distance between them.
The wire beam diagram must take into account the size of each electrical component and the distance between them, and it must also reflect how the electrical parts are connected to each other. After the technician of Dongguan wire beam manufacturer makes the wire beam alignment plate according to the work beam diagram, the worker cuts the line alignment according to the rules of the wiring board.
The main line of the vehicle is generally divided into engines(ignition, electric spraying, power generation, starting), instruments, lighting, air conditioning, auxiliary appliances, etc., with main line bundles and branch lines. A whole main line bundle has multiple branch lines, just like tree poles and branches. The main line of the vehicle is often centered on the dashboard and extends backwards and forwards.
Due to length or assembly convenience, Some car wire bundles are divided into front wire bundles(including instrument, engine, front light assembly, air conditioning, battery), rear wire bundles(taillight assembly, card light, luggage box lights), and top top wire bundles(doors, top lights, sound speakers) and so on. Each end of the wire beam will be marked with marked numbers and letters to indicate the connection object of the wire. The operator sees that the logo can be correctly connected to the corresponding wire and electrical device. This is particularly useful when repairing or replacing the wire beam.
At the same time, the color of the wire is divided into monochrome lines and bi-chromatic lines. The purpose of the color is also stipulated. It is generally a custom standard for depots. China's industry standards only specify the main color, such as the provision of single black for the iron line, red monochrome for the power line, can not be confused.
In general, it is wrapped in woven wires or plastic tape. For safety, processing and maintenance, the woven wire package has been eliminated. Now it is wrapped in sticky plastic tape. Connections between wire bundles and wire bundles and between wire bundles and electrical parts, using connected plug-ins or wire ears. The joint plug-in is made of plastic and is divided into plugs and sockets. The connection between the wire bundle and the wire bundle is connected by a connected plug-in, and the connection between the wire bundle and the electrical part is connected by a connected plug-in or a wire ear.

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