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A New Method for Determining the Beam Breakpoint

Posted On:2017-11-16 8:59:31

In addition to measuring the basic parameters such as voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and transistor, the digital multimeter can also be used to further expand its function and achieve the purpose of multiple use of a table. The method of judging the Breakpoint of wire beam(wire and cable) with digital multimeter is presented. When there is a fault in the interior of the wire beam, the exact position of the break line is not easy to be determined due to the wrapping of the external insulating skin.
This problem can be easily solved with a digital multimeter. The specific method is:
1, the wire beam(wire cable) with a Breakpoint is connected to the 220V city power line at one end, and the other end is suspended.
2, pull the digital multimeter to the AC2V block, from the wire beam(wire cable) of the wire access end, with one hand to hold the black pen pen tip, the other hand will slowly move the red watch pen along the insulated skin of the wire, At this point, the voltage value displayed on the display is approximately 0.445 V(measured by the DT890D table).
3, move the red watch pen, when the red watch pen moves somewhere, the voltage displayed on the display suddenly drops to 0. 0 volts(about one-tenth of the original voltage).
4, from this position forward(the wire access end) about 15cm is the wire beam(wire cable) Breakpoint.
In addition, experts warned that when using this method to check the shield wire, if the core wire is broken and the shield layer is not broken, the method is powerless.

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