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How much do you need to make a set of car wire harness?

Posted On:2017-12-01 9:25:32

The amount of money required to manufacture and customize a set of car wire bundles depends on the following points:
1, the car wire harness is composed of low-voltage wires and various plugs, and the choice of low-voltage wires and various plugs in the car directly affects the price of the car wire harness. This is one of the factors, mainly depending on the customer's choice of material;
(2) Plugs for wire harness, custom-made wire bundle plugs are ordinary universal plugs, which saves the cost of making wire bundle plugs, custom-made car wire bundle plugs are some of the variants, so as our car harness manufacturers need to build mold re-injection molding, The cost of making customized car wire plugs is required to be added inside. Heterogenous car wire plugs are rare. We have a variety of car wire plugs here.
3, depending on the amount of line bundle custom-made, the amount of large can give a certain discount;
4, the length and thickness of the wire beam, for example: We make a customized set of tricycle wire harness, is determined by the number of meters, at the current price of 10-15 yuan per meter, like those wire beam branch price is 2 yuan per meter Between 5 yuan;
In order to ensure the quality of the wire beam, each set of wire beams has been tested by a test stand. For example, those heavy wire beam working appliances are very numerous and need to be tested one by one, which increases the labor cost.
Because of the uncertainty of the material used for processing wire bundles, there is no fixed price for making wire bundles, such as ordinary agricultural machinery, three-wheeled motorcycles, and small car wire bundles. The price is between 15 yuan and 200 yuan, which depends on the amount of customer materials. And how much is the labor cost.

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