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2018 Beijing International Connector Cable and Harness Processing Equipment Exhibition

Posted On:2018-08-04 8:41:39

Date of exhibition: 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-21
Category of exhibitions: domestic exhibitions
Pavilion Name: China International Exhibition Center
Exhibition Address: No. 6 East North Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
[exhibition introduction]
The 2008 Beijing International Connector Cable and Harness Processing Equipment Exhibition (CCIE CHINA) is an international grand event with the theme of industrial connectors, cables and harness processing equipment under the banner of China Automobile Fair. It is the largest exhibition area, the largest number of exhibitors, the most professional exhibition items, the largest number of visitors and the most influential international well-known exhibition in the connector, cable and harness processing equipment industry in Asia. We will provide a perfect platform for global exhibitors and buyers to create opportunities and wisdom for the future!
As Asia's leading connector, cable and harness processing equipment industry event, the last exhibition was successfully concluded in Beijing China International Exhibition Center on July 19-21, 2017. This exhibition not only continued the past glorious, but also created new highs in various data. There are 350 countries and regions in the world known at home and abroad. Ming enterprises participated in the exhibition, an increase of 13% compared with the previous one. The exhibition area reached 32,000 square meters, an increase of 6% over the previous period. A total of 58,215 end users and professional audiences were visited in three days, an increase of 11% compared with the previous one.
The warm invitation of the organizers has been strongly supported by many well-known enterprises in the industry: Tyco Electronics, Moses, Hirosaki Motor, JST, Derun Electronics, Phoenix, Shentai Electronics, Remo, ITT, Oudu, Wedmiller, Derun Electronics, Aerospace Electrical Appliances, Hexing Group, Lixin Precision, Aviation Electronics, JAE, Siemens. Xinminghe, Kumaisi, Jiamu, Sodurg, Leting, Jianhe Xing, Ramo, Deloux Cable, Xinhongye, Dechang Cable, Guanju Automation, Lelian Electric, Elpress, Ningbo Sanhe, Comet, Fred, Weipu Electric Appliances, Sanfeng Precision, Hentong Group, Bozhiwang Automation, Roche Automation and other industry leaders Enterprises show their top technology products on the exhibition site, and present a feast of gluttony for professional audiences!
The exhibition is hosted by the Beijing Municipal Committee of Commerce and Zhenjiang International Exhibition. CCIE CHINA, as a perfect exhibition platform to provide exchanges between suppliers and consumers, has always spared no effort to keep pace with the market and take creating value for enterprises as its responsibility. After years of hard work, it has become an important and indispensable industry event in China and Asia, and has attracted great attention from domestic and foreign manufacturers. CCIE CHINA is the best platform for enterprises to display new technologies and equipment, enhance corporate image, seek partners and open up markets.
[target audience]
Auto industry information communication industry control power electrician
Rail Transit of Telecommunication Terminal Wire and Cable in Machinery Industry
Manufacture of Mould for Aerospace Instrument of Smart Grid
Electrical Industry of Robot Welding Equipment in National Defense Electronics Industry
[exhibition promotion]
Five Issues of Exhibitions: A Joint Invitation from 500 Exhibitors
More than 20 User Industry Associations'2.0 million Professional Buyers Database
More than 300 professional media 400,000 EDM copies
There are 600,000 invitations from 125 national ministries of Commerce and the global branches of the Trade Promotion Conference.
Registration and exhibition: July 17-18, 2018 (9:00-17:00) Opening time: July 19, 2018 (9:30)
Exhibition time: 19-21 July 2018 (9:00-17:00) Closing time: 21 July 2018 (16:00)
[scope of exhibition]
1. Connector & Connector: Terminal Connector, LED Waterproof Connector, Explosion-proof Connector, Wire Connector, Round Connector, Cable Connector, RF Coaxial Connector, Rectangular Connector, Optical Fiber Connector, Audio Connector, Computer Connector, Home Appliances Connector, Military Connector, Electronic Connector, Power Connector Connector, Special Connector, Industrial Connector, Printed Circuit Connector, Heavy-duty Connector; Plug, Socket, Switch, Terminal, Dial Switch, Ship Switch, Press Torsion Switch, Micro Switch, Rotary Switch, Keyboard Switch, Terminal, Connector Contactor, Silicone Keyboard, IC Circle Socket, Pin, Arrangement Pin, Electricity Sub-switch connector assembly and pin insertion equipment, silver riveting machine, etc.
2. Wire harness and wiring equipment: wiring terminals, insulating sheaths, conductors and insulating wrapping materials; electronic wires: power cord, audio and video cable, computer peripheral wires, automobile plug-in rebel wires, wires, wire harness, tie-up wires, electromagnetic wires, sheath wires, sight lines, high-temperature heat-resistant wires; nylon tie-up wires, wiring slots, wiring signs, etc. All kinds of wiring equipment, such as wiring head, wiring terminal, wire buckle, wire fixing head, fixed seat, etc.
3. Wire harness processing equipment: wire cutting and twisting machine, tangent machine, punch machine, integrated wire harness manufacturing system, crimping die base, terminal die, length detector, terminal press, wire end processing equipment, pipe cutting machine, terminal press, injection moulding machine, computer stripper, wire equipment experimental machine, terminal press, stripper and terminal press Machine, cutting machine, riveting machine, line processor, terminal hardware testing instrument, automated harness processing equipment, harness testing instrument, plug tester, terminal section tester, peeling strength tester, wire rod and related accessories.
4. Cables: wires and cables, optical fibers and cables, electronic wires, electricity

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