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How to overhaul motorcycle wire harness?

Posted On:2017-08-11 10:34:27

The use of wire bundles exceeds the service life, causing the wires to age, the insulation layer to break, and the mechanical strength to drop significantly, causing short circuits, breaks, and iron connections between wires, causing the wire beams to burn. Automobile wire beam terminal oxidation, deformation, resulting in poor contact, etc., will cause the electrical equipment can not work properly. Due to the failure of electrical equipment caused by the damage of utility poles, when the electrical equipment overload, short circuit, iron and other failures, may cause wire beam damage.
When assembling or repairing auto parts, the metal object presses the wire bundle and ruptures the insulation layer of the wire bundle; Improper position of wire harness; The lead position of electrical equipment is wrong; Battery positive and negative lead wire connection; When the circuit of the motorcycle wire bundle overhauling fails, the random connection and the random cutting of the wire beam wires can cause the abnormal work of the electrical equipment and even burn the wire beam.
The requirements for the material of the car wire beam are also very strict: including its electrical properties, material dispersion, temperature resistance, etc., are all higher than the general wire beam requirements, especially those involving safety: such as direction control systems, brakes These important components of the wire beam, More stringent requirements. In modern cars, there are a lot of wire bundles, and the electronic control system has a close relationship with wire bundles. Connector plugs Some people once made an image analogy: If the function of the microcomputer, sensor and actuator is compared to the human body, it can be said that the microcomputer is equivalent to the human brain, the sensor is equivalent to the sensory organ, and the actuator is equivalent to the motor tube. Then the wire beam is the nerve and blood vessel.
The car wire beam is the network body of the car circuit. It connects and functions the electrical and electronic parts of the car. There is no car circuit without a wire beam. At present, whether it is a high-end luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the car audio beam harness is basically in the same form. It consists of wires, connected plug-ins, and parcel tape. It is to ensure the transmission of electrical signals. It is also necessary to ensure the reliability of the connection circuit, supply the specified current value to the electronic and electrical components, prevent electromagnetic interference with the surrounding circuit, and eliminate electrical short circuits.

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