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Car audio wire beam conversion plug installation?

Posted On:2017-08-11 10:35:38

The connector plug has a round metal shield skirt to protect the pin. The protective skirt also ensures that the plug is inserted in the right direction to prevent damage to the pin. Due to the same protective skirt, it can not prevent DIN heads from connecting incompatible DIN heads. The mini DIN design was modified. The DIN connector has 7 common modes, and up to 8 pins of connector connector plugs can be seen. Limited compatibility exists in different standard connectors. The screw lock version of the connector is also used for instrumentation, process control and professional audio.
Convert plugs-literally, allow a plug to be converted into another plug(such as a telephone power plug, a USB charging plug, a computer power plug, a universal power plug, etc.). It is also common to refer to the fact that a car audio cord will convert different power plugs or power plugs from one country to another or multinational power plugs, and plug multinational or national power plugs into sockets in another country. Enabling plugs from different countries to communicate with each other in different countries in the world solves the problem that appliances from different countries in the world can be used in other countries.
Marking is an important basis for indicating the correct installation, use and maintenance of people. It is also an extremely important safety standard content for ensuring the safety of personal property. Plug socket products should be clearly marked with rated current, rated voltage, power supply properties. In addition, the motorcycle wire beam(converter refers to a mobile electrical accessory with only one plug part and one or more socket parts combined). The product uses the "MAX(or maximum)" symbol to indicate the rated current / or power, Motor wire harness to guide users to avoid overload. Signs or symbols should be durable and legible. You should not use easily erasable silk marks and paper stickers.

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