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Study on the Selection of Connector Plugs

Posted On:2017-08-11 10:38:42

Connector plugs are electromechanical components that connect electrical lines. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the first issues to consider in selecting connectors. The correct selection and use of electrical connectors is an important aspect to ensure the reliability of the circuit.
Electric connectors(hereinafter referred to as connectors) can also be referred to as plug seats and are widely used in various electrical lines. For example, a car wire bundle is one of them, which acts as a connection or disconnection circuit. Improving the reliability of connectors is first and foremost the responsibility of the manufacturer. However, due to the wide variety of connectors and the wide range of applications, the correct selection of connectors is also an important aspect of improving connector reliability. Only through the joint efforts of the manufacturer and the user can we maximize the function of the connector.
The connectors have different classification methods. According to frequency points, electric connectors have high-frequency connectors and low-frequency connectors; According to the shape of a circular machine, rectangular machine; According to the purpose, there are connectors for printing boards, connectors for cabinets, connectors for audio equipment, power connectors, special purpose connectors, and so on. The following mainly discusses the selection method of low-frequency connectors(frequencies below 3MHz).
The connector is an electromechanical element that connects an electrical line. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the first issues to consider in selecting connectors.
Rated voltage: Rated voltage, also known as operating voltage, it mainly depends on the insulation used by the machine, the distance between the contact pairs. Certain components or devices may not perform their proper functions below their rated voltage. The rated voltage of the connector should in fact be understood as the highest operating voltage recommended by the manufacturer. In principle, connectors work well below rated voltage. The author tends to select the rated voltage according to the voltage resistance(electrical strength) index of the connector, according to the operating environment and safety grade requirements. In other words, the same pressure resistance index, depending on the use environment and safety requirements, can be used to different maximum operating voltage and motorcycle wire harness requirements are higher. This is also more in line with the objective use of the situation.
Rated current: Rated current is also called operating current. Like the rated voltage, connectors generally work normally below the rated current. In the design of the connector, the rated current requirement is met by the thermal design of the connector, because when the contact pair has a current flowing through, the contact pair will heat up due to the presence of conductor resistance and contact resistance. When the heat exceeds a certain limit, the insulation of the connector will be destroyed and the softening of the surface coating will be formed by contact, causing failure. Therefore, to limit the rated current, it is in fact necessary to limit the temperature rise inside the connector to not exceed the specified value of the design such as the rated current of the car acoustic beam.
The problem to pay attention to when selecting is that for a multi-core connector, the rated current must be used in a reduced amount. This should be paid more attention in the case of large currents. For example, the φ 3.5 mm contact pair generally stipulates that its rated current is 50A, but it is required to reduce the amount of 33<UNK> at 5 cores, that is, the rated current of each core is only 38A. The more the number of cores, The larger the decrease.

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