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Line beam troubleshooting order

Posted On:2017-08-11 10:40:35

The car wire beam is a wiring component that connects various electrical equipment in the circuit. It consists of an insulating sheath, a wiring terminal, a wire, and an insulating dressing material.
Main causes of wire beam failure
The common faults of car lines are: poor contact of plugs, short circuit between wires, broken roads, and iron.
The reasons for this are as follows:
1) Natural damage
The use of the motorcycle wire harness has exceeded the service life, causing the wire to age, the insulation layer to break, and the mechanical strength to drop significantly, causing short circuits, breaks, and iron to be used between the wires, causing the wire beam to burn. The oxidation and deformation of wire beam terminals, resulting in poor contact, etc., will cause the electrical equipment to fail to work normally.
2) Damage to utility beams due to electrical equipment failure
When electrical equipment overload, short circuit, iron, etc. failure, may cause wire beam damage.
3) Man-made malfunctions
When assembling or repairing auto parts, the metal object presses the wire bundle and ruptures the insulation layer of the wire bundle; Improper position of wire harness; The lead position of electrical equipment is wrong; Battery positive and negative lead wire connection; When the circuit is overhauled, the electrical equipment can be abnormal and even the wire beam can be burned.
Detection and judgment of fault of wire beam
1) Detection and Judgment of Wire Blast Fault
Blast burns occur all of a sudden, and they burn very quickly. In burned lines, there is generally no safety device. The law of wire beam burning is: In the circuit of the power supply system, where the iron is attached, the wire beam is burned to where it is burned, and the junction of the burned and intact parts can be considered to be iron. If the wire beam is burned to the wiring part of an electrical device, it indicates that the electrical equipment is malfunctioning.
2) Detection and Judgment of Short Circuit, Broken Road and Contact Bad Fault between Lines
-External extrusion and impact of the wire harness, resulting in damage to the insulation layer of the wire in the wire beam, resulting in short circuits between the wires, causing some electrical equipment to lose control and fuse.
When judging, the electrical equipment and the control switch at both ends of the wire beam connector can be opened, with electric meter or test light to detect the short circuit of the line.
-In addition to the obvious fault phenomenon, the common fault occurs between the wire and the wire terminal. After some wires are cut off, the outer insulation layer and the conductor terminal are intact, but the conductor inner core wire and conductor terminal have been cut off. When judging, the tension test can be done on the lead wire and the wire terminal that is suspected to have broken the road. During the tension test, if the insulating layer of the wire gradually tapers, it can be confirmed that the wire has broken the road.
-Poor line contact, mostly in the socket. When the failure occurs, the electrical equipment will not work properly. When judging, turn on the electric device power, touch or pull the electric device's relevant plug in, when touching a plug in the electric device, the electric device's work is normal and abnormal, indicating that the plug is malfunctioning.
III. Replacement of wire harness assembly
1. Appearance check
1) The new wire beam model should be the same as the original model. The wire terminals and wires are reliably connected. There is no loosening or shedding of the plugs and wires.
2) Compare the new wire beam with the original wire beam, such as: the size of the wire beam, the wire terminal connector, the color of the wire, etc.. In case of doubt, a multimeter can be used to test the wire and confirm that it is in good condition before replacing it.
2. Installation of telephone poles
The plugs, plugs and sockets of each electrical equipment shall correspond to the sockets and plugs on the wire harness. After each connection wire is connected to the electrical equipment, there should be a certain margin, the wire should not be too tight or too loose.
3. Inspection and connection test of the line
1) Inspection of the line
After the replacement of the car audio wire beam, first check whether the connection between the wire beam socket and the electrical equipment is correct, and whether the positive and negative terminals of the battery are correctly connected.
2) Electricity test
The iron wire of the battery can be temporarily disconnected. A light bulb of about 12V and 20W is used as a test light. The test light is connected in series between the negative electrode of the battery and the iron end of the frame, and all electric equipment switches on the car are closed. The normal test light should not be on, otherwise it indicates a fault in the circuit. When the circuit is normal, remove the light bulb and use a fuse with a capacity of 30A to be connected between the negative pole of the battery and the iron end of the frame. Do not start the engine, and connect the power supply of various electric equipment on the vehicle one by one. Electrical equipment and line inspection, After confirming that the electrical equipment and lines are not malfunctioning, remove the fuse and connect the battery to the iron wire.

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