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Interpretation automatically helps you to brake, think, and equip you with a CMBS collision avoidance system.

Posted On:2017-08-11 10:45:21

Honda's CMBS system was originally developed in 2003, initially equipped with the American version of the Accord, and then began to be equipped on some of the cars of Acura. The main principle of this "collision mitigation braking system" developed by Honda itself is that when the millimeter-wave radar detects a vehicle moving in front of it, it uses an alarm to warn the driver when there is a danger of rear-end and continues to approach the front car. Light braking, Warn with your body.
When it is judged that it is difficult to avoid rear-end, CMBS will take strong braking measures and reduce the rear-end speed together with the driver's own braking in order to effectively help the driver avoid and reduce the damage once the rear-end.
When the driver's vehicle has a speed of more than 10 miles(15 kilometers), the CMBS system is activated, and the connector plug detects the distance between the front vehicle and the front vehicle through the sensor of the front vehicle. When the system believes that it may lead to rear-end, in addition to reminding the driver and braking, It will also automatically tighten the seat belt(E-Presenter system) to ensure the restraint of the front passenger.
At the same time, when the vehicle is automatically braking, the brake lights will also be lit, prompting the rear car to maintain a safe distance. When the difference between the car's speed and that of the front car is less than 10 miles(15 kilometers), the system will not work.
Since the information is collected from the front sensor, the ice and mud on the front probe must be cleaned in time, and it can not be covered with other objects. The lamp socket will automatically close the CMBS system. In extreme cases such as abnormal congestion, off-road, mountain roads, etc., the CMBS system can also be manually closed and displayed on the dashboard.
At the same time, when active security systems such as VSA are shut down, CMBS will also be closed and displayed.

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