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Car wire beam is the main body of the network of automobile circuit

Posted On:2017-08-11 11:03:11

Car wire harness is the main body of the network of car circuits. There is no car circuit without wire harness. The safety and reliability of the wire beam installation of the high-top cab has always been one of the important factors affecting the comfort and practicality of the high-top heavy card body interior. In order to improve the product quality, Since 2011, after market feedback, multiple investigations, on-site confirmation, and analysis of reasons, China Heavy Duty Truck Body Factory has set up an attack group on the installation of high-top electrical wiring bundles, from the marketing department, assembly lines, to body factories. Follow the investigation in turn, deeply touch the root cause of the problem.
After careful observation and research, the body factory of heavy steam truck SHARES found that the biggest problems are likely to appear in the air horn, the front high light, the top door control switch wire beam, the front feeder of the miscellaneous goods box, etc.. These trivial small problems, But in the market often annoyed users and seriously affect the overall quality of China's steam products. For this reason, the body factory of China heavy auto truck shares is determined that the problem must be completely eradicated and that such defects will never appear.

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