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Connector Plug: Know what mechanical ABS is first.

Posted On:2017-08-11 11:05:06

Connector Plug: Know what mechanical ABS is first.
At present, ABS on the market is divided into mechanical ABS and electronic ABS. In fact, mechanical ABS is not a strict ABS, because "A" in ABS represents "automation control", and mechanical ABS does not have "automation module"-ECU, so mechanical ABS is actually an imitation ABS regulator. device.
The mechanical ABS is further divided into MABS and CZABS. MABS, also known as "Hydraulic Airbag Capture ABS", contains a device with a rubber ball structure. When the lamp socket is braking, the oil pressure deforms its interior and the car wire harness reduces braking power. MABS is usually installed in series at the two outlets of the hydraulic brake pump, controlling the front and rear braking systems respectively.
CZABS is also known as "magnetic ABS" and its structure is a piston piezoelectric device. When the hydraulic pressure of the brake fluid enters the piezoelectric device, the piston is displaced, the piezoelectric device is operated, and the piston is pushed backwards, so that the pressure changes and the "point brake" effect is achieved. CZABS requires a valve to be installed at each brake pump inlet.
Unlike the mechanical ABS, the electronic ABS does not require the driver to deliberately cooperate with the brake. The driver can hit the brake in the end, and the car audio wire beam computer and its related electromechanical units will automatically control the brake. The mechanical ABS is limited by its structure, and the internal structure requires a space for movement. This requires the driver to step on the brake from light to heavy to achieve the anti-lock function.
Moreover, when the car encounters the "yin and Yang road"(that is, half dry and half wet and open), in this environment, the effect of mechanical ABS is not obvious, and it may even appear on the ice and snow roads. The electronic ABS can be selected by the computer to make the car four wheels not dead, not slippery, and can control the direction.

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