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Motor wire manufacturer describes what a turbocharger is

Posted On:2017-08-11 11:06:10

Motor wire manufacturer describes what a turbocharger is
We know that the turbocharger's turbine and impeller are coaxial, with bearings on the outside of the shaft, and the bearings are placed on the bearing base. When the turbocharger is working, the shaft and the bearing seat are moving at high speed, and this speed is usually between 150,000 rpm and 250,000 rpm. The inner and outer sides of traditional turbocharger bearings are not in direct contact with the shafts and bearing seats. There is a layer of oil oil film between them. Through this oil film, the heat of the turbine can be taken away while it is working. The role of lubrication, So this kind of bearing is also called floating bearing. Since this type of lamp plug operation is similar to sliding friction, it will cause relatively large resistance during turbine operation, higher requirements for oil quality, and increase turbine hysteresis and energy consumption.
The inner and outer sides of this highly heat-resistant ball bearing are in direct contact with the turboshaft and the bearing seat. When the turbine rotates, the motion mode becomes rolling friction. The advantage is that the friction force is smaller and the turbine hysteresis is appropriately reduced. phenomenon. This type of bearing is made of special alloy steel. It must be very wearable and can withstand the high temperature caused by high load operation. At the same time, as a precision component, the thermal deformation rate of connector plugs must also be well controlled.
It can be said that a turbocharger's most technical component is considered to be this less impressive bearing. At present, some high-performance vehicles or turbochargers for modification will use ball bearing components, but due to the relatively high manufacturing costs, Therefore, the car audio line can not be popularized on a large scale for the time being, but as the economy gradually declines, future turbochargers will increasingly use this kind of ball bearing assembly that can increase the turbine response speed while reducing energy consumption.

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