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Car wiring manufacturers explain the use of electrical connectors in the automotive industry connection problems

Posted On:2017-09-09 15:20:18

In order to solve the problem, design engineers have developed various locking devices such as spring lock to install the internal wiring of the car. Using a spring lock, when the two half of the connector are inserted together, the spring device will be compressed. If the connection is correct, the spring lock will bind the two air plugs together. If it is not fully plugged in, the spring will spring. Open two half, Inform that the connection has failed.
In addition to locking devices, it is also possible to use an auxiliary device such as a plug gear cam and slider to simplify the insertion process of larger connectors. This device allows the connector to obtain a fluid power from the installer during insertion. With this device piece, it is not allowed to drive the secondary joystick or slider. With the use of cams, the connector insertion force can be reduced by 40 %, and the assembly is simple and stable.
This device not only solves the problem of connection, but also solves the problems related to the cable connection of the airbag ignition module and the problem of the new anti-oblique connector interface. The latter is an electric connector designed specifically for the internal pyrotechnic signal device. The design is very small with a signal filter. When the connector inserts or pulls out the airbag, the use of a special short contact point can prevent airbag inadvertent trigger due to parasitic signal input, and advanced safety applications are used. Which complicates the connection.
The connector electrical contact seal on the outside of the car and under the hood of the engine is very important. If you want low price, high stability, and easy to assemble, the electrical contact seal problem needs to be solved in a high-density or multi-pin system. Adopt gasket seal or porous seal ring. However, using these two seals, it is necessary to use the seal to insert the terminal, which means that a square or rectangular terminal must pass through a circular seal. In order to prevent the cable from bending, the synthetic insert force of the terminal needs to be controlled.
Solve the connector connection problem, in order to effectively improve the reliability of the car, customers are satisfied.

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