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What professional knowledge of wire beam processing is needed for the development of automobile wire beam

Posted On:2017-09-15 13:53:25

The requirements for the development of automobile wire harness processing are mainly in the following aspects:
1, has many years of experience in the development of automotive wire beam, especially the production and manufacturing process of wire beam enterprises, quality control methods.
2, can be familiar with the development requirements of the five major development stages of the wire beam product development, APQP, understand the development process of the host plant, the main development content and working methods of the wire beam processing.
3, have good language skills(foreign companies, but also need to have good English skills), and good interpersonal skills, not only in the customer needs to do good communication work, the company needs to do good communication work.
Have agile thinking and rich working methods, familiar with the difficulties encountered in the flexible handling of work and guide others to find a smooth solution to the problem.
5, need to master Office, Project, Powerpoint and other commonly used office software, so as to prepare a reasonable development node plan, the development of detailed plans at all levels, timely understanding of the actual progress and good reporting work.

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