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Design of motorcycle wire harness

Posted On:2017-10-18 8:52:07

This paper introduces the design order of motorcycle wire beam
First, the choice of fuse
The fuse is divided into fast melting type and slow melting type. The main component of the fast melting type fuse is the fine tin wire. The sheet or tubular fuse has a simple structure, good reliability, and vibration resistance, and is easy to detect. Therefore, it is widely used; The slow-melting fuse is actually a tin alloy sheet. The fuse of this structure is generally connected to the circuit of the sensory load. For example, the fast melting electric damper load and the inductive load are used in the motor circuit. The same fuse must be avoided as much as possible.. Fast-melting fuses are generally used in motorcycle circuits.
Second, in general, according to the maximum continuous operating current of the electric device to calculate, and determine the fuse capacity, according to the empirical formula:
C = I <UNK> 80 %(or 70 %).
C-Fusible rated capacity.
I-Maximum operating current of the circuit.

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