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Design of Wire Beam Structure

Posted On:2017-10-21 9:34:58

1, determine fuse box and relay installation location(easy maintenance is a prerequisite).
2, wire distribution design(according to the general layout requirements and reasonable segmentation).
3, wire size design
Main body size: short and short to reduce wire resistance(limited by the body);
Branch size: long is not short, considering assemblability;
Motion Parts: The head size should be enough to shake momentum, generally 3-5 mm. Such as: engine
On the device.
4, wire beam protection design
After the end of the pre-design phase of the online bundle, the process of the late determination phase is entered. It is mainly to draw the beam diagram and trial production. Before arranging the wire bundles, the wire beam diagram must be drawn in advance. The wire beam diagram is different from the circuit diagram. The circuit diagram is an image that describes the relationship between various electrical parts. It does not reflect how the electrical parts connect with each other, and is not affected by the size of the various electrical components and the distance between them. The wire beam diagram must take into account the size of each electrical element and the distance between them, and it must also reflect how the electrical parts are connected to each other.

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