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What's a wire beam?

Posted On:2017-10-24 8:49:26

To understand wire beam welding, you must first understand what a wire beam is. The so-called wire beam refers to the wiring parts that connect various electrical equipment in the circuit and consists of an insulating sheath, a wiring terminal, a wire, and an insulating bandage material. Wire bundles are mostly used in various precision electronic devices such as automotive circuits, computer motherboard circuits, and home appliance circuits.
There are three types of faults that are most likely to occur in such wire beams:
1, natural damage
The use of wire bundles exceeds the service life, causing the wires to age, the insulation layer to break, and the mechanical strength to drop significantly, causing short circuits, breaks, and iron connections between wires, causing the wire beams to burn. The oxidation and deformation of wire beam terminals, resulting in poor contact, etc., will cause the electrical equipment to fail to work normally.
Damage to utility beams due to electrical equipment failure
When electrical equipment overload, short circuit, iron, etc. failure, may cause wire beam damage.
3, man-made failure
When assembling or repairing auto parts, the metal object presses the wire bundle and ruptures the insulation layer of the wire bundle; Improper position of wire harness; The lead position of electrical equipment is wrong; Battery positive and negative lead wire connection; When the circuit is overhauled, the electrical equipment can be abnormal and even the wire beam can be burned.
The first two of these malfunctions give engineers the most headaches. The choice of welding process is the most direct cause of this kind of failure.

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