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Performance of car wire harness

Posted On:2017-10-30 9:22:49

1, 3 electrical tests, three full inspection and inspection, to ensure that all products pass;
2, the image is clear, without distortion, signal decay decreases;
3, the contact of the connection line is stable and reliable, and the number of plug and pull is more than 1,000 times;
4, temperature range: minus 20 degrees Celsius to zero 80 degrees Celsius, waterproof level is 94VO-1;
5, the conductor is 99.99 % anaerobic copper, small impedance, strong antioxidant;
6, the product passes the tensile test, the tensile strength is strong;
7, wire flexibility is good, conducive to assembly;
8, rated current to meet the standard requirements. When the current increases, the wire works normally and does not soften.
9, plug contact with the guide part, good electroplating, strong antioxidant ability;
10, no lack of glue, no less glue, skin breaking and other poor appearance. Length, dimension and so on all meet the standard requirements;
11, the product material meets the EU ROHS and REACH standards;
12, the production process is reliable and stable, to ensure that the use of short circuit, open up and other phenomena.

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