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Development of the car wire harness

Posted On:2017-11-01 9:01:21

The development of the car wire beam is wrapped in plastic tape with rubber wire and woven wire. It refers to the contact part terminal(connector) made of copper material and the wire cable after pressing on the outside. Plasticized insulator or metal shell, etc.. The assembly of the connecting circuit is formed by a wire bundle. For safety and convenience in processing and maintenance, the woven wire package has been eliminated and is now wrapped in sticky plastic tape. Connections between wire bundles and wire bundles and between wire bundles and electrical parts, using connected plug-ins or wire ears. Compared with the traditional wire beam, the multi-channel transmission device greatly reduces the number of wires and connectors, making the wiring easier.
With the increase of automotive functions, the universal application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical parts, more and more wires, the more thick the wire beam becomes. The car wire harness is a necessary connection between the car circuits. The wire harness is also the key to a car. It becomes the main body of the car circuit. If there is no wire harness, there will be no car circuit. At present, China is the world's largest car manufacturing country, and also the world's largest car wire manufacturing country.
At present, the advantages of the domestic car wire beam enterprises in the truck and bus market are obvious, and the advantages of the foreign car wire beam enterprises in the car market are even more obvious. Being able to keep up with the trend of technology development is the source of power for all wire beam enterprises to develop continuously. The future prospects of the auto wire beam market are vast, and wire beam companies should continuously enhance their own technical standards in order to be in a dominant position in the process of expanding the size of the automotive wire beam market.

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