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Analysis and Judgment of Common Fault in Wire Beam Processing

Posted On:2017-11-04 9:43:02

The rule of wire beam burning in wire beam processing plants is that where the wire beam is burned in the power system circuit, where the wire beam is burned, and the junction of the burned and intact parts can be considered as a wire beam. When the wire beam is burned to the junction of an electrical device, Indicates that the electrical equipment is malfunctioning.
First, battery wire burns
1, if the battery line only burns a part, check the parts that come into contact with the cable burn disadvantage, and replace the battery line after cleaning the burrs.
2, if the battery wire is completely burned, it indicates that the starter has failed. In the starting motor electromagnetic switch + electrode and the battery positive electrode, the test light is connected. If the test light is on, the electromagnetic magnetic failure occurs. If the test light is not on, it indicates that there has been an internal failure of the starter.
Second, the line between the generator + pole to the starter battery junction post burns the stop generator, removes the generator + pole lead, the battery + pole is connected to a power cord, and the other end is in contact with the generator + pole. If sparks appear, it indicates that the generator has failed. If there is no spark, the wire beam is malfunctioning.
Third, wire beam and relay lead wire burn
1, turn off the power switch, remove the relay, let it be suspended, connect the test light between the relay shell and the body, such as the light, indicating that the relay has failed; If the light is not on, proceed with the following steps.
2, turn on the power switch, if the test light is not on, indicating that the relay is not malfunctioning, only change the wire beam can be, if the test light shows the relay failure, should replace the relay.

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