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What are the principles for selecting the type of wire used by car wire harness manufacturers?

Posted On:2017-11-07 8:51:15

According to the ambient temperature selection, the car wire beam manufacturer: The ambient temperature around the engine is high, and there are also many corrosive gases and liquids. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-temperature, oil-resistant, vibration-resistant, friction-resistant wires; The conductor on the trunk cover must maintain its elasticity at low temperature, so it is necessary to use cold elastic wire to ensure its normal work; The wire on the automatic transmission must be resistant to high temperature and hydraulic oil, and its temperature stability is good; Due to the high temperature of the exhaust pipe of the car, it should be as far away from the exhaust pipe as possible when arranging the wire bundle. If it is unavoidable, wires greater than 200 °C need to be used, and silicone rubber hoses are used for protection; The wire used to brake the hoof wire beam requires wear resistance, impact resistance(sediment) and high and low temperature(temperature cycle) impact.
Second, the main sensors and strong interference sources near the sensors and weak signal sensors should be used to block the wire to prevent electromagnetic interference.
Third, to determine the wire standard, there are some differences in the conductor structure, nominal cross section, insulating material and thickness, performance requirements and maximum external diameter of different standards of wire. At present, China has begun to use the following standards for automobile wires: ISO, SAE, DIN, JIS, VW, PSA, etc.. The types of conductors commonly used in automobiles include several series such as the Japanese standard(AVSS, etc.), the national standard(QVR), and the German standard(FLRY).

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