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Car wiring will be thinner, lighter and thinner

Posted On:2017-12-16 9:13:44

Car wiring, which is usually considered to be the central nervous system of a car, connects the car's computer with various related functions on the vehicle. The content and quantity of electronic technology in car wire beam become an important index to evaluate the performance of car gradually. With the continuous growth of our country's automobile industry, the automobile wire harness industry has also been developed rapidly.
After 12 years, the Oerite Electronics Exhibition has carefully created the best display platform for companies related to car lines. From car wiring to car connectors, from car electronics to car testing, from traditional cars to new energy vehicles, the Shanghai Electronic Exhibition in Munich is committed to improving the comfort, safety and economy of cars, providing complete core device supporting solutions for vehicle factories. And efficient design ideas.
"Cars have brought a lot of convenience to people's lives, but they have also been consuming natural energy sources on Earth. With the rapid development of automotive electronic and information technology, automotive electronic and electrical functions are more and more. The use of these electronic devices has made the electrical wiring in the car more and more long and more complex. The increase in the weight of the car's wire beam has also led to an increase in the cost and energy consumption of the vehicle. This was the opening remarks made by Ms. Kim Young-nam, product engineering manager at the Delphi Pike Electronics / Electrical Systems Division at the International Wired Innovation Forum at the Shanghai Electronic Show in Munich in March this year.
The weight of the car wire beam accounts for about 1 to 2 % of the weight of the car. According to statistics, the use of a high-class car's wire beam has reached 2km and its weight is 20 ~ 30kg. Each 100km, 25kg weight of the car consumes about 50W of energy, which is equivalent to burning 0.1 kg of fuel. The study shows that if the weight of the vehicle is reduced by 10 %, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 8 %; For every 100kg of vehicle weight reduction, fuel consumption of 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.3 to 0.6 L, and CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 5g/km. Therefore, the future development trend of car wire harness is smaller, lighter and thinner.
In line with the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, Delphi Pike's electronic/electrical systems are also targeted for smaller, lighter, and thinner car harness development. At the Shanghai electronic show in Munich, Kim ying-nam highlighted Delphi's 0.13mm thin wire and aluminum wire.
Since the aluminum material itself is easily oxidized and relatively soft, the mechanical and electrical properties after pressing are relatively low. In addition, aluminum and copper contact will produce electric couple corrosion. The conductivity of aluminum is lower than that of copper. To achieve the same load flow, the wire diameter of the aluminum wire will be thicker than the wire diameter of the copper wire. After the line diameter is thickened, the line diameter of the branch will also become thicker, causing difficulties in wiring.

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