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What are the requirements for wire harness in the automotive sector

Posted On:2017-12-13 9:06:50

In the field of automotive production, there is an inseparable connection between the electronic control system and the wire beam. The car wire beam is functionally divided into the power wire beam, the signal transmission control wire beam, and the brake brake control wire beam. The power line is a thick wire that transports large currents.
The material requirements for the use of the automotive field are relatively strict, especially the wire beam. We all know that the temperature around the automotive engine is very high, and there are also many corrosive gases and liquids that require high temperature, oil resistance, and vibration resistance. Friction resistant electrical performance is higher than the general electronic wire beam requirements, engine system, and braking system wire beam can not have any quality problems.
The wire bundle of the car trunk should be made of a cold elastic wire to ensure that it remains flexible at low temperatures. Weak signal sensors need to use shielded wires. The linear speed assembly of the car braking system must be resistant to high temperatures exceeding 150-200 °C. The external protective insulation is hard and resistant to friction.
In the process of wire beam processing, polyethylene material is used, which has excellent rheological properties. Under normal circumstances, good polyethylene has a uniform and stable melting index and is suitable for different beam paths during use. In this way, it can effectively achieve a certain extrusion speed, and effectively stabilize its extrusion flow during use, which can effectively guarantee the integrity of the geometry and appearance of its products.
The quality of wire beam processing material will directly affect whether the product of car wire beam meets its performance requirements. The quality of the wire beam material also directly affects the performance and service life of the car wire beam. When choosing a wire bundle manufacturer, it must not be decided by its price alone. The price is determined by the value, and the high price wire bundle is more secure. Take the wire beam terminal, for example, the standard car wire beam is made of bronze and brass, and shows that there is a coating, the price is more expensive, and the price of secondary processing copper on the market is cheaper, but the performance will be much worse. The two materials, made of the car wire beam in appearance will not have a significant difference, but the price is very different.
Selection of materials to achieve control, processing technology can not relax supervision. Every part of the production, do a good job in appearance detection and performance testing, and effectively analyze the status quo, effectively ensure that the wire beam processing meets the quality control standards. Control the production quality from the source, improve the efficiency of wire beam processing, and do a real high efficiency, high quality production.

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