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Frequently Asked Problem Processing Scheme in Wire Beam Processing

Posted On:2017-12-10 15:49:32

When the wire bundle processing plant processes the wire bundle product, it will always encounter some troublesome things, such as tin on the wire, or the label can not be affixed. These are called unreasonable wire bundles. If you throw all of these wires away, the loss is very large.
What should we do with these problems? Listen to the suggestions of the wire processing plant below:
1, the wire is stained with tin
When the wire is stained with tin, it may cause PVC to be retracted. Count the proportion of such cases, if a lot of this is the case, should be a problem with the process, timely adjustment of the process. If it is a wire problem, replace the wire in time, to choose a temperature-resistant PVC, control the time of tin not too long.
2, label non-stick
If the label is not sticky, it may be that there is oil on the wire bundle, or if the adhesive itself has aged, then you can not directly touch the dry adhesive surface with your hands when you paste it. Above a clean metal, Then one by one, stick it on the line.
3, not enough tension after pressing
After the wire and terminal compaction, the tension test was not passed, and the possibility existed whether the compression range of the terminal and wire conductor was suitable. Design of the material and structure of the blade; The material of the terminal and so on. One by one.
4, when wearing rubber shell terminal off PIN
When wearing rubber shells, terminal PIN often occurs, so how do we solve it? In fact, you only need to have a pull back action when each hole is inserted to solve this problem.

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