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Attention to Custom Quotation for Automobile Wire Beam Processing

Posted On:2017-12-22 9:07:42

Price is the focus of attention in the process of cooperative trading. In the auto wire beam processing industry, the quotation of the bus wire beam and the quotation of the terminal line are also the priority concerns of customers. Enterprises often through a large number of models of supporting mode to complete the upstream and downstream connection, the following for everyone to introduce the car wire processing customized quotation points.
Cost of materials
It mainly includes terminal cost and wire cost. Material cost is the most basic and most important one in many cost analysis, which occupies the main cost of bus wire beam quotation.
1, the material description needs to inform the type and basic information such as dimension/color;
2, the material manufacturer information needs to highlight whether it is a domestic part;
3, the amount of material and the unit need to consider the minimum packaging volume of the product;
4, the principle of material selection priority use of materials available in the warehouse;
II. Cost of assembly
The cost of assembly is based on the structure of the product, and the processing process of the product is listed in sequence. When analyzing the working hours of each process of the product, we need to refer to the basic information such as standard working hours in the enterprise. The number of workers in the station needs to consider the distribution of personnel in each process to balance the working hours between the processes as much as possible to avoid bottlenecks. For labor cost, the minimum hourly wage in the city where the enterprise is located and the additional labor cost of the enterprise are fully referenced;
III. Mold costs
The structural characteristics of the tools used in the automotive wire bundle products are more advantageous than those of other products in terms of utilization rate and volume. Mould can usually meet the needs of a variety of products, such as terminal pressing dies when pressing terminals of different wire diameters, if the terminal structure is small, consider replacing the blade of the mold or simply modifying the size of the blade can also meet the pressing needs. The circuit detection platform of the car wire beam is completed after the basic hardware processing is completed. For products with different loop information, the product inspection can be satisfied after adding or dropping the corresponding assembly module on the test platform. Among them, the die life is 5 million times; Pressure blade life 150,000 times; Leather knife life 1 million times; Treatment life 1.5 million times;
In the analysis of the die cost, the number of terminal card dies and blades needs to be combined with the sum of the number of terminals used in the material. According to the structural characteristics of the product, the test kit should consider whether it needs to be developed separately or follow the existing testing equipment. Mold sharing needs to take into account the annual product usage and product cycle years.
Packing costs
For the packaging status of products, in the absence of special instructions from customers, we need to consider the impact of product labels, minimum packaging quantities, outer box packaging, export labels, product turnover storage, and product transportation on products. Usually according to the customer's requirements for packaging to carry out the product's outer box packaging.
Total cost analysis
After completing the analysis of material cost, processing cost, packing cost and packaging cost, all costs need to be summed up in the total cost analysis. Make a reasonable proportion of the cost of each project. Unreasonable cost ratios need to be identified and analysed for possible control.
The cost analysis of the product focuses on the internal comprehensive evaluation of the price of a single product. The factors that affect the price of the product in the quotation link are in addition to the annual usage of the project and the product cycle. We should also consider what stage the supporting project is in the vehicle factory, what is the proportion of the company's supply, and whether there is a price lock period for the project supplied by the company.
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