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Application and Market Analysis of Automobile Wired Beam Connectors

Posted On:2017-12-25 9:23:03

The car wire harness connector is a type of terminal. The connector, also known as the connector, consists of a plug and a socket. The connector is the relay station of the car wire beam in the car circuit. Connectors are generally used for the connection between car wire bundles and car wire bundles, and between car wire bundles and electrical components. Car car wire harness connectors are important components that connect various electrical and electronic equipment of the car to prevent connectors from disconnecting in the car. All connectors use locking devices.
Dismantling methods of the automobile wire harness connectors
When disconnecting the connector, first remove the latching, then pull the plug away, and do not allow the car wire harness to be pulled hard without unlocking, which will damage the locking device or connect the car wire harness.
Features of Car Wirebeam Connectors
For example, the automotive wire harness connector is an important part of the connection between various electrical and electronic equipment of the car. It transmits electrical signals between power supply, switches, electrical and electronic equipment. It is known as the motor nerve and is the vehicle for electric signal control of the car. It has the characteristics of good airtightness and beautiful appearance.
Main features: 1. Monopole 75 ampere connectors and terminals; 2. Operating voltage: 600 volts(either AC or DC); 3. Plug-out life: more than 5,000 times; 4. Pressure resistant insulation voltage: 2200 volts; 5. Transmission resistance: 100 microohms.
III. Application of Automotive Wirebeam Connector Products
Automotive wire harness connector products are used in automobiles, home appliances, instrumentation, office equipment, commercial machines, electronic lead wires and electronic control panels, etc., and are used in digital products, household appliances, and the automotive industry. With the increase of automobile function, the universal application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical parts, more and more electric wires.
The Market Prospects of Automobile Wired Connectors
In recent years, the rapid growth of mobile phone production in China has driven a lot of demand for mobile phone connectors. Among mobile phone connectors, battery connectors, SIM card connectors, and FPC connectors have the largest demand, accounting for about 50 of the total demand[ %] And ... According to the global resource market research report, driven by the outstanding demand of computer and consumer electronics markets, China's mainland connector market will show double-digit growth. Many local connector manufacturers started with mold development or manufacturing, and gradually penetrated into connector manufacturing. Due to their ability to develop and manufacture molds and plastics, they have a considerable competitive advantage in terms of cost control and rapid response to customers and markets.

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