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The Importance of Choosing the Material of Motor Wire Bundling

Posted On:2017-12-28 9:09:24

The material requirements of the car wire beam are also very strict:
Including its electrical properties, material dispersion, temperature resistance, etc., are all higher than the general wire beam requirements, especially those involving safety: wire bundles of important components such as direction control systems, brakes, and more stringent requirements.
1, the ambient temperature around the engine is high, corrosive gases and liquids are also more, so, the engine wire beam wires must use high temperature resistance, oil resistance, vibration resistance, friction resistance wire.
The wire on the automatic transmission uses hydraulic oil, high temperature resistance, and temperature stability.
3, the wire on the trunk cover of the wire bundle to maintain its elasticity at low temperatures, so use a cold elastic wire to ensure its normal work.
4, weak signal sensors should use shielded wires, such as knock sensors and crankshaft position sensors, ABS wheel speed sensors and so on.
5, ABS wire harness assembly uses 150-200 °C high temperature, external protection insulation hard, wear resistant, but the core of the wire is greater than 133 twisted wires.
6, power lines such as starter alternator output line battery line used wire is capable of withstand high current insulation heat dissipation performance, voltage reduction of special wire.

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