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The importance of comprehensive wiring of automobile wire harness system

Posted On:2017-12-31 14:16:00

Due to the large number of car wire bundles, in the process of comprehensive wiring of the system, the wiring, alignment, tying, and fixation are performed according to the requirements of the wiring process. After the comprehensive wiring is completed, the connectors are relatively fixed, and the space activity margin of the wire beam is small. It is difficult to rely solely on manual testing. First, too much human participation has a certain impact on the reliability of the entire machine. Secondly, a large number of detection tasks can not guarantee the development cycle of the product. Therefore, it is imperative to introduce special automatic detection equipment for inspection and measurement.
After the system design is completed, the control circuit of the electromagnetic valve, the limit switch, and the 24V power supply are first connected. When the limit switch is closed, the electromagnetic valve must have an action; Then connect the various electrical wiring lines and pneumatic pipelines. The electrical lines mainly include pneumatic fixture module I/O interface, limit switch lines, electromagnetic valve lines, indicator light lines, buzzer lines, and upper computer communication lines. Pneumatic pipelines mainly include cylinder inlet air outlet pipeline, electromagnetic valve inlet and outlet pipeline, and total gas source pipeline.
The system can automatically download the configuration file to the center by the configuration controller when the power is added. This way, without any hardware actions and professional software, you only need to perform regular software operations to update the configuration file.

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