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Brake performance of cars and wire bundles

Posted On:2018-01-03 9:00:20

The braking performance of the car and the car wire beam refers to the ability of the car to maintain a certain speed to stop when braking during driving or continuously downhill. The main manifestations are:
1, braking performance: The car on a good road(flat, solid, dry, clean cement and asphalt road and a certain initial speed braking to the parking distance. That is, braking distance or braking speed during braking or braking and braking. Time.
2, the constancy of braking performance: the degree of maintenance of braking performance at high speed or long slope continuous braking and braking after wading. That is, resistance to thermal decline and moisture recovery performance.
3, the stability of the direction of the car when braking: When braking, the car does not run in accordance with the established track, the performance of running, sliding and loss of steering ability.
Evaluation of Brake Performance of Automobile and Motor Line Beam:
1, braking distance: It is the most intuitive overall braking performance parameters, its accuracy and repeatability are better. However, the braking conditions(including braking force distribution) and specific faults of each wheel can not be separately reflected.
2, braking force and braking speed: braking power can essentially reflect the performance of the vehicle braking system, that is, the distribution of braking power on both sides of each axle and its equilibrium status. However, it can not reflect the factors other than the braking system. The impact of overall braking performance. When braking speed is tested, it is vulnerable to the effect of the adhesion coefficient of the road surface and the inclination angle of the braking. The initial speed and road roughness have little effect and therefore have poor accuracy and repeatability. It also does not reflect the braking of each wheel and its distribution.
3, braking time includes braking coordination, duration and release time, it can only indirectly reflect the advantages and disadvantages of braking performance. Therefore, it is usually used as an auxiliary evaluation indicator.
In view of the shortcomings of the above three indicators, it is necessary to have two of them at the same time. In order to fully evaluate the braking performance of vehicle wire harness.

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