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Does the constant burning of cars have anything to do with the wire harness?

Posted On:2018-01-26 13:50:58

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Car insurance often has a certain relationship with the electrical appliances used and has a certain relationship with the connection needs of the car cable plug.
We often use a cigarette lighter to charge our mobile phone, and the fuse breaks as soon as we insert the charging appliance. This is caused by the loss of the car wire connecting the cigarette lighter. Cigarettes must be plugged into the plug connecting the car's wire harness to solve the problem of burning the safety plate.
2, the plug of the car wire bundle is empty, when we open the car appliance, because of the heat generated by the place where the defect is connected, the electricity consumption is increased, and the load is caused by the car safety plate. Therefore, in order to protect the car wire beam from fire, the fuse is automatically disconnected.
3, other electrical appliances due to different power consumption, the current load is greater than the number of the insurance load, then the insurance will be broken off, this phenomenon is a normal phenomenon, or insurance increase 5A can basically set up the main power line of the vehicle 5A is no problem. The other is the frequent burning insurance, such as headlights. Many of them are not caused by the problem of headlights, but the power generation is too large. Then the power generation system or the modified light bulb is too powerful, and the other is a short circuit of the circuit system. The insurance has been inserted and burned. The other is an intermittent failure. For example, a certain point of power cord is worn out, but he will not always be attached to the car body. He will only appear when the vehicle starts or is relatively bumpy.
Conclusion: the breach of the car wire harness connector will directly affect the burn of the safety plate. Therefore, we do not overload the power supply. The plug of the car wire harness must be strong and strong, and we must not change the line of the car without authorization. Only so that the safety plate on our car will not be disconnected. To facilitate the use of our cars.

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