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Research on Factory Layout of Wire Beam Industry

Posted On:2018-03-17 8:06:02

Factory layout planning is a systematic project. A reasonable layout and clever planning can not only improve the working environment of the workshop, improve operating efficiency and product quality, but also transform the employees 'thinking style. It is one of the foundations for companies to promote systems such as TPS(Lean Production), TPM(Full Production Maintenance), and TQM(Total Quality Management). Enterprises are expected to achieve the goals of factory layout and planning: zero loss, zero bad, zero waste, zero failure, zero time for switching products, zero accidents, zero complaints, and zero absences. Through the realization of these goals, to achieve investor satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, so as to achieve the long-term development of the enterprise.
With the increasing popularity of automobiles, more and more auto companies need to expand their production capacity and add new factories. At this time, companies need to carry out new layout plans for new factories. The defects and drawbacks in the original factories are in the process of re-planning. A chance to improve and optimize. This paper discusses the layout of the wire beam industry based on the experience of its own wire beam processing plant participating in the planning.
The ancients said: those who do not seek all things are not enough to seek a moment, not to seek the overall situation, not enough to seek a domain. Before the layout of the factory, we need to plan according to the long-term development of the company, and at the same time need to understand the actual situation of the factory.
In the factory there is a "third flow": information flow, process flow, material flow. The main processes of wire beam processing are cutting, intermediate processes, and assembly. Before planning, it is necessary to consider how to minimize seven major wastage(waste of handling, waste of bad products, waste of actions, waste of processing, waste of inventory, premature(excessive) waste of production). At the same time, the application of 5S and lean production should be fully considered. As the so-called one leaves know autumn, this article will carry on the detailed elaboration to the cutting and the middle process, hopes this article can play to the reader to throw the brick to lead the jade function.
For the cutting and intermediate process, we simply refer to the previous process. First of all, we must understand the "third flow" of the previous road: the information flow is the overall PFLOW of the product; Process flow is the specific process and operating specification within each process(such as cutting / manual compaction / welding / cladding / heat reduction); The material flow is the flow of various materials in the process flow(such as raw material conductors / terminals / semi-finished conductors / heat shrinkage tubes).
When we layout, we first need to plan the overall placement of different processes according to the overall PFLOW of the product, and try to sort the processes according to the PFLOW of the product. Of course, we will encounter different products when sorting. PFLOW, There may be several different situations. For example, in the first case, some products can be directly and automatically pressed, cutting is the finished product, and some products can only be automatically pressed at one end, and one end needs to be manually pressed or welded. The second is Some products, such as thermal shrinkage after welding, Some bags of tape, there is a case of process separation, for the first case we need to consider how to reduce walking waste in the overall planning, by the manual work and cutting work positions close to each other, and at the same time close to the corresponding shipping area, to form cutting work positions, manual work positions, The layout of the shipping area into equilateral triangles.
In this way, we can reduce the waste of walking due to the cancellation of some processes. In the case of the separation of the second process, we need to combine the frequency of use of the subsequent processes and different processes(such as glue and heat shrinkage), while also considering the location of the process. The location to analyze, For the case of process separation, it is recommended to adopt a rhombic or star-shaped structure, which can reduce material handling waste. For the overall process layout, it can be designed as a type flow or circular flow according to the actual situation of the factory; This can minimize walking waste and ensure the fluency of the process.
When we complete the information flow planning of the product, we need to carry out the process flow planning of different work positions. Different processes have different processes and operation specifications. We carry out specific physical arrangements according to the process flow and operation specifications of these processes. For example, the cutting process, according to the operating specifications, requires the use of raw material wires, terminals, molds, printers, and tension test tables. If you can set all the materials needed for this process next to this process, this is the most perfect placement. However, due to the limitations of the site, funding, and technology, it is usually impossible for the company to place all materials next to the process. At this time, what we can do is to select the most efficient materials to be placed next to the process according to the current equipment status. For other materials that can not be placed next to the process, put as much as possible according to the diamond structure. Of course, there will be cases where the same materials(such as molds) are used in different processes. The placement of such materials and different processes will be arranged according to equilateral triangles or star structures.
When the information flow and process flow are arranged, our material flow is clear, and the areas of different materials are basically determined. At this time, we need to consider the relationship between the area where the material is placed and the material turnover speed. Some material areas, due to site constraints, It is not possible to accumulate too much inventory, which requires an increase in the turnover of materials. For materials that occupy a relatively large area, the area occupied can be reduced by increasing the turnover speed of materials. Of course, all our materials need to be managed through 5S and visualization. For each material, we need to set positioning and positioning.
In conjunction with the company's development, the layout of each process needs to consider the reserved location for future development. It is recommended that the reserved areas of different processes be implemented according to the company's plan for the next one to three years. We also consider the space required for new equipment and technological innovations to be introduced by the company in the future.
Although the factory is small, all dirty! The layout of the factory is like that of a painter. The painter uses different colors to express different meanings. The factory uses various ideas(such as 5S, IE, TQM, JIT, TPM) and management methods(Kanban management, To strengthen the foundation of the company and plan the future of the company, of course, there are unsatisfactory aspects to each plan. We improve the layout of the factory through continuous improvement. In the end, the effect of "one increase is too long, one reduction is too short, powder is too white, and Shizhu is too red" was achieved.

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