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A system of wire bundles for automobiles

Posted On:2018-04-27 8:24:54

Due to the particularity of the automobile industry, the manufacturing process of automobile wire harness is also more special than other ordinary wire harness.
The system of car wires is roughly divided into two categories:
1, divided into European and American countries, including China:
Use the TS 16949 system to control the manufacturing process.
2, mainly in Japan:
Toyota and Honda, for example, have their own systems to control the manufacturing process.
With the increase of automotive functions, the universal application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical parts, more and more wires, the more thick the wire beam becomes. Therefore, advanced cars have introduced CAN bus configuration and use a multi-channel transmission system.
Compared with the traditional wire beam, the multi-channel transmission device greatly reduces the number of wires and connectors, making the wiring easier.

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