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The Attention and Importance of Car Wire Assembly

Posted On:2018-05-07 15:53:01

In simple terms, the assembly of car wire bundles is to wrap various types of wires into bundles, called wire bundles. A unified bandage can protect the insulating layer, and it can also better connect parts and save space. The material of the car wire beam is mainly Wired, connectors and sensors.
Now, Oulite's car harness explains the points and importance that the car harness assembly needs to pay attention to:
First, the attention point of the assembly of the car line beam
1, the choice of plug-in and sheath: The general chassis wire harness is to use flame retardant and mechanical performance of the better corrugated sheath, and the cab wire harness is to use cold, heat-resistant insulation plastic tape bandage. According to the working environment of the car wire beam assembly and production.
Segment production: For the convenience of subsequent assembly and maintenance, the automobile wire bundle manufacturing plant generally performs segmented manufacturing. Multi-segment wire bundles are connected together through connectors. In automotive applications, the fewer segments of wire bundles, the better. Too many connectors can be avoided and pressure drops can be generated. This results in poor contact, and at the same time, segmented production can find bad contact, poor insulation and assembly errors.
3, poor judgment of wire beam contact: Most of the reason is in the plug-in, when the failure, the electrical equipment can not work. The electrical device can be connected to the power supply and the plug-in failure can be resolved by testing the test tool.
4, when the car wire bundle assembly do not pull the wire tight(especially horizontal arrangement of the wire bundle), to avoid the position of the wire beam fixed point loose when the vehicle bumps. As a result, the distance between the two fixed points suddenly increases, resulting in poor contact between the internal contacts of the wire beam, changes in wire parameters, and even pulling off the wire.
II. Importance of Vehicle Wire Assembly
This kind of situation will be encountered in the car line manufacturing plant, and the assembly task will not be completed in a certain production environment. This situation will not only affect the assembly efficiency, but also time-consuming and laborious, resulting in economic losses. Therefore, the reasonable distribution of the various processes is necessary. The quality of the car wire beam determines whether the vehicle's performance is up to the standard.
What should be paid attention to in the quality inspection of car wire harness? The following wire processing plants believe that the following analysis should be done:
Does the line meet the requirements?
Check whether the size of the wire meets the relevant requirements and the model is not correct. The incision must be clean, do not scratch the wire, and the wire must not be dirty.
Are the groups handled neatly?
Check whether the trim is neat, the size is correct, and can not be cut to the core line when pruning the group.
Is the exfoliation neat?
Check whether the peeling mouth is neat, the size of the peeling is correct, and the grouping wire and the core wire can not be peeled, and there is no stripping of copper wire; The insulator must not fall off during partial peeling.
Is the tube size correct?
Check the size and size of the shrink tube carefully.
Is the temperature of prepared solder suitable?
Check whether the temperature of tin furnace is correct; Before preparing the solder, arrange the core and copper wires to check for bending, bifurcation and discount.

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