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Five problems should be paid attention to in the quality inspection of automobile wire beam

Posted On:2018-05-15 10:23:35

The electronic wire beam integration of the car wire beam is very high. The operating conditions and parameters of the car are reflected in the car's computer through the wire beam. The quality of the car wire beam determines whether the vehicle's performance is up to the standard.
What should be paid attention to in the quality inspection of car wire harness? The following wire processing plants believe that the following analysis should be done:
Does the line meet the requirements?
Check whether the size of the wire meets the relevant requirements and the model is not correct. The incision must be clean, do not scratch the wire, and the wire must not be dirty.
Are the groups handled neatly?
Check whether the trim is neat, the size is correct, and can not be cut to the core line when pruning the group.
Is the exfoliation neat?
Check whether the peeling mouth is neat, the size of the peeling is correct, and the grouping wire and the core wire can not be peeled, and there is no stripping of copper wire; The insulator must not fall off during partial peeling.
Is the tube size correct?
Check the size and size of the shrink tube carefully.
Is the temperature of prepared solder suitable?
Check whether the temperature of tin furnace is correct; Before preparing the solder, arrange the core and copper wires to check for bending, bifurcation and discount.

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