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What are the problems in the car wire beam market?

Posted On:2018-05-23 9:59:13

1, there is no unified management standards for the after-sale market:
Brand manufacturers have different management models. Each manufacturer has its own management model. The market sales and service scale requirements are not uniform. Individual service stations still have imperfect automotive parts maintenance manuals, resulting in after-sales service personnel being unable to implement operations according to standards.
2) Insufficient professional skills of service personnel:
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and material levels, people's requirements for the use of automobiles are no longer limited to their practicality. The application of electronic products is constantly upgrading applications, followed by the maintenance of the late market.
Market after-sale maintenance personnel are often able to deal with machinery in a comfortable manner(mechanical changes are slow, easy to repair), and in the face of automotive circuit maintenance is often at a loss. On the one hand, because the speed of upgrading and updating of automotive appliances is faster, maintenance personnel can not keep up with the update rhythm; On the other hand, maintenance personnel are not familiar with the electrical principles of new automotive products and do not know where to start. This has caused a high probability of dismantling and replacing electrical parts in the market.
In response to this problem, I also communicated with local after-sale maintenance personnel and learned that when a ground appliance fails, the most direct and effective method is to replace the device until the failure is eliminated. This may be caused by poor contact with the sheath. It may be due to poor assembly of parts.
However, these ultimate root causes are not so important in the after-sale market. This also explains why when the client claims the replaced market failure old piece in the form of a three-pack old piece to the supplier, the supplier discovered that there was no problem when conducting internal tests.
3, users are free to install electrical parts:
After the user buys a low-priced and low-equipped car, he will choose to install some electrical devices on the basis of the original car line, such as audio equipment, CarLog, lighting reconstruction, etc.. This situation will inevitably increase the load of the vehicle line. If the load exceeds the wire, Light causes ablation of safety plates and wires, and heavy ones will cause ablation of vehicles.

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