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The introduction of CAN bus and CAN protocol in automobile wire beam

Posted On:2018-05-31 10:58:49

With more and more electrical components on the car, the wire harness is becoming more and more complex, and the probability of wire beam failure is also increased. In order to solve this problem, the line beam designer is constantly simplifying the line beam, and many cars have introduced the CAN bus data transmission system.
When the car is driving, data exchange between the control units of the system is required continuously. This requires a good data transfer method. At present, CAN bus systems are widely used to control data transmission between units, such as engine control units, transmission control units, and cruise system control units.
According to the traditional wire beam design, there are several signal transmission lines between the two control units, which requires several signal transmission lines, which will increase the number of pins in the control unit and complicate the line. CAN bus is a control unit area network system and belongs to a multi-channel transmission system. Compared with the traditional wire beam, the multi-channel transmission system greatly reduces the number of wires and plug-ins, making the wire beam arrangement more simplified.
Cars using CAN buses, no matter how much information is passed between control units, only two two-way data lines need to be drawn from each control unit and connected to two nodes. The two two-way data lines are called CAN. Bus.
CAN protocol
In order for each control unit to recognize its own information from the CAN bus and provide information to the CAN bus, each control unit must comply with the same communication protocol. This is the CAN protocol, under the specification of the CAN protocol. A large amount of information is transmitted at high speed in CAN buses of media such as twisted pair, coaxial cable or optical fiber.

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