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Color Standard of Automobile Wire Harness and Meaning of Wire Harness Code

Posted On:2018-08-13 8:25:06

The production process of automobile wiring harness is as follows:
Monochromatic conductors: conductors with one color on the insulating surface.
Two-colour conductor: conductor with two colours on insulating surface.
Main colour: The colour with large proportion of area in two-colour conductor.
Auxiliary colors: colors with small proportion of area in two-color conductors.
(2) Colour and code of conductor
Chinese Abbreviations for Line Colors Chinese Abbreviations for Line Colors
Black BLK/B Black Light Green LT GRN Light Green
Blue BLU/BL Blue Orange ORG/O Orange
Brown BRN/BR Brown Pink PNK/P Pink
Clear CLR/CL Transparent Purple PPL/PP Purple
Dark Blue DK BLU Dark Blue Red RED/R Red
Dark Green DK GRN Dark Green Tan TAN/T Brown
Green GRN/G Green Violet VIO/V Pink Purple
Gray GRY/GR Grey White WHT//W White
Light Blue LT BLU Light Blue Yellow YEL/Y Yellow
(3) Composition of conductor color
The choice of conductor color should give priority to monochrome and double color.
4. The tie line.
Black wires should be used in all kinds of automotive electrical appliances. Black wires have no other use except for building iron.
Marking of conductor color
The marking of conductor color is expressed by color code, such as monochrome conductor, which is red and marked as "R";
Two-color conductor, the first color is the main color, the second color is the auxiliary color, the main color is red, the auxiliary color is white, marked as "RW".
(3) Cross-sectional area of conductors
The cross-sectional area of the conductor is chosen according to the size of the working current. For some electrical appliances with very small current, such as the indicator circuit, in order to ensure the proper mechanical strength, the cross-sectional area of the conductor should not be less than 0.5mm2.
The cross-sectional area of the conductor is marked in front of the color code and not marked when the unit is millimeter. For example, 1.25R indicates the red conductor with the cross-sectional area of 1.25mm2; 1.0G/Y indicates the double-color conductor with the cross-sectional area of 1.0mm2, the main color is green and the auxiliary color is yellow.

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