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How to effectively reduce the cost of car wiring harness?

Posted On:2018-08-18 8:52:15

1. At present, many people in China are very bold in style and single-minded in wiring harness design, which is very unscientific. New Austrian Electronics keeps in touch with the engineers of the customers at any time during the whole process of production and processing of automobile wiring harness. After fully understanding the principle of the whole vehicle electrical appliances, the reasonable division of automobile wiring harness (front cabin wiring harness, engine wiring harness, indoor wiring harness, etc.) is carried out. The direction design of the front cabin wiring harness is particularly important, which is related to the future. The selling point of the real vehicle, therefore, the layout of the engine (horizontal and vertical), the principle of the whole vehicle electrical appliances and the later repair of electrical failures need to be considered comprehensively in the design. If the wiring harness design is refined to the design of the wire harness, and the use, diameter and length of each wire are fully considered, then the product designed is very difficult to be uneconomical.
2. The continuity and universality of the products are general. At the beginning of the design of the new Austrian electronic wire harness products, we will try our best to take the mature models of the same platform as the reference, such as choosing the same electrical functional components, wire harness accessories (including straps, rubber parts, brackets), binding methods, etc., from the perspective of the company's long-term development, which will not only reduce the number of new Austrian electronic wire harness products. The procurement cycle of new parts in new projects and the cost of opening die are reduced, which reduces the cost.
3. The 3-D era of wiring harness design is the digital information age. Everything pursues 3-D. Of course, wiring harness design is also included. New Austrian Electronics introduced the concept of electronic loading from the source control in the design process of automobile wiring harness. The so-called electronic loading, that is to say, fully reflect the real vehicle state in the digital and analog, automotive electrical functional parts, fasteners, rubber parts and so on should be reflected in the digital and analog. In this way, the interference between wire harness and sheet metal is avoided in the design stage, and the reasonable branch direction is solved, so that the line length is effectively controlled, which avoids many phenomena of rework in the later stage and also virtually saves the cost.

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