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What should we pay attention to when purchasing automobile wiring harness?

Posted On:2018-08-25 8:49:22

With the increasing popularity of automobile wiring harness, the consumption of automobiles has increased dramatically, at the same time, it has led to automobile related industries. As the "blood" of automobiles, the production of automobile wiring harness is bound to increase greatly.
What should we pay attention to as a purchaser of automobile wiring harness when looking for a manufacturer of automobile wiring harness?
As a purchaser, we have been pursuing high quality and low price products. What we want to say today is how to pursue cost performance. How to maximize cost savings without affecting quality. There are only two things to understand: first, to understand your needs and communicate them; second, to identify the strength of the manufacturer.
Clear Your Needs
Compared with the general terminal harness, the automobile harness is much more stringent. The process is complicated and the raw materials required are numerous. Like the roller coaster wiring harness being made by our company, dozens of kinds of raw materials are needed. The type of wiring harness, pull standard, quantity, payment method, delivery date, inspection standard and so on need to be clear. The automobile harness manufacturers need to adjust their running-in and running-in with the original factory in order to formally test production, so some performance data purchasers need to know and communicate with the automobile harness suppliers to confirm.
Identifying the Strength of Automobile Wire Harness Manufacturers
After clarifying the performance requirements of automobile wiring harness, we can lock the manufacturer of automobile wiring harness. But with so many suppliers, how can we confirm that the harness is of good quality and the price is favorable? What we have to do is to identify the strength of the manufacturer and select the most suitable one.
Preliminary screening can be selected from these aspects:
1, equipment strength
In order to find a high-quality automobile wiring harness manufacturer that can keep up with the later production schedule, the equipment of the manufacturer is very important. In the wiring harness industry, we can inspect the automatic terminal pressing machine. The most intelligent part belongs to this link. Previously, manual terminals were pressed, the scrap rate was high, and the labor cost was high, so the price of the product would be correspondingly high. Locked manufacturers can be allowed to shoot on-site pictures of the examination room.
2. Certificate
Usually do automotive wiring harness or new energy automotive wiring harness are basic qualification certification, generally can inspect UL certification, ISO certification, TS16949 certification, etc. Certificate is also a kind of soft power.
3, region
Because the process of automobile wiring harness is complex, if you choose, you can first consider the manufacturers in the province, which is conducive to later communication, but this is not absolute. One of our foreign customers also choose suppliers in China, which can see the overall demand.
4, on-site inspection
Because of its complexity, automobile wiring harness must need more communication in the early stage. The strength of the manufacturer and on-site management and control can be seen from a look. If you think your intention is OK, you can go to the factory. That's why I said that geographical factors should also be taken into account.

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