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Basic knowledge of connectors

Posted On:2018-09-01 8:13:12

1. What is a connector?
Connector is a kind of component that our electronic engineering technicians often contact. Its role is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, set up a bridge of communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve the intended function. Connector is an indispensable part of electronic equipment, along the current flow path, you will always find one or more connectors. Connector forms and structures are ever-changing. With the different application objects, frequencies, power, application environment and so on, there are various forms of connectors. For example, connectors for lighting on the court are very different from those for hard drives, and connectors for igniting rockets. But no matter what kind of connector, it is necessary to ensure smooth, continuous and reliable current flow. Generally speaking, connectors are connected not only by current, but also by light, glass and plastic instead of wires in ordinary circuits. In today's rapid development of optoelectronic technology, the carrier of signal transmission in optical fiber systems is light, but connectors are also used in optical signal paths. Their functions are the same as circuit connectors.
2. Why use connectors?
Imagine what would happen if there were no connectors? In this case, the circuit is permanently connected with a continuous conductor. For example, to connect an electronic device to a power supply, the two ends of the connecting wire must be securely connected to the electronic device and the power supply by some means (such as welding). In this way, no matter for production or use, it brings a lot of inconvenience.
Take car batteries for example. Assuming that the battery cable is fixed and soldered on the battery, the automobile manufacturer will increase the workload, production time and cost to install the battery. When batteries are damaged and need to be replaced, the car should also be sent to the maintenance station to remove the old ones and weld the new ones. For this reason, more labor costs should be paid. With connectors, you can get rid of a lot of trouble. Buy a new battery from the store, disconnect the connector, remove the old battery, install the new battery, and reconnect the connector. This simple example illustrates the benefits of connectors. It makes the design and production process more convenient and flexible, and reduces the cost of production and maintenance.
3. Benefits of Connectors
1. Improve the production process connector to simplify the assembly process of electronic products, also simplify the batch production process;
2. Easy maintenance. If an electronic component fails, it can be replaced quickly when a connector is installed.
3. Easy to upgrade with the progress of technology, when equipped with connectors, new and more perfect components can replace the old ones to improve the flexibility of design.
4. The use of connectors allows engineers greater flexibility in designing and integrating new products and in composing systems with components.

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