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Disclosure of Production Technology of Automobile Wire Harness

Posted On:2018-09-15 8:35:59

After the two-dimensional product drawings of wire harness come out, the production process of wire harness should be arranged. The process serves the production closely. Therefore, the two are analyzed together.
1, open line technology
Opening is the first station in harness production. The accuracy of opening process is directly related to the whole production progress. Once errors occur, especially the opening size is too short, it will lead to the rework of all stations, which will take time and effort to affect the production efficiency. Therefore, in compiling the wire opening process, it is necessary to determine the wire opening size and stripping size reasonably according to the requirements of the drawings. Make open-line operation instructions and process tracking cards.
2. Crimping process
In the second production station after the opening of the line, the crimping parameters are determined according to the terminal types required in the drawings, and the crimping operation instructions are made. For special requirements, the operators are indicated in the process documents and trained. For example, some conductors need to pass through the sheath before pressing, it needs to pre-install the conductor first and then return from the pre-installation station and then pressing; there is piercing pressing used to special pressing tools, this pressing method has good electrical contact performance.
3. Pre assembly process
Pre-assembly process operation instructions are compiled. In order to improve assembly efficiency, pre-assembly stations should be set for complex wiring harnesses. The rationality of pre-assembly process directly affects the efficiency of total assembly and reflects the technical level of a technician. If the pre-assembly part of the assembly is too small or the assembly guide path is not reasonable, it will increase the workload of the assembly staff, slow down the speed of the assembly line, so technicians should always stay on the scene and constantly sum up experience, so as to work out a reasonable production process.
4. Final assembly process
According to the assembly board designed by product development department, the specifications and sizes of tooling equipment and material box are designed, and the numbers of all assembly sheaths and accessories are pasted on the material box to improve the assembly efficiency. Compile the assembly content and requirements of each station, balance the whole assembly station to prevent a little too much work and pull down the whole pipeline speed. To achieve the balance of workstations, technicians must be familiar with each operation and calculate the working hours on site, and adjust the assembly process at any time. Wire harness technology also includes the preparation of material consumption quota list, man-hour calculation, worker training and so on.
Automobile harness is mainly terminal line, welding, forming is not too much, so investment is mainly terminal machine, and generally semi-automatic terminal machine can be fully satisfied, to fully automated terminal machine is too wasteful, there are also forming machine (about 20,000 sets), testing machine, pulling machine, peeling machine, cutting machine. Soldering machine, electronic scale, punch.

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