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Introduction to Maintenance Method of Wire Harness Connector after Burning

Posted On:2018-09-22 8:06:59

The burnt part is mostly connected to the plug, which produces heat energy to burn the plastic plug of the connector. Generally, the burned part is the wire harness of the big lamp, the wire harness of the cigarette lighter and other overloaded wires. It is time-consuming and labor-consuming to replace the whole vehicle wire harness.
The following describes the processing and maintenance of automotive wiring harness plugs:
1. Find a piece of paper or use a video camera to record the location of the wire harness. Pull the wire harness terminals down gently with a slightly finer steel nail, so that all the wire harness terminals are separated from the burnt plug. If the burned area is not easy to pinch out, pull it down directly. This is the first step.
2. Purchase connectors (i.e. harness plugs) and terminals, special clamps for harness, and heat shrinkable sleeves in automobile harness processing manufacturers.
3. Clean the burnt part of the wire harness, and cut the heat shrinkage sleeve to fit on it. The terminal of the wire harness is connected to the wire harness and fixed into the connector with a wire clamp. After hot water is used to ironing the heat shrinkage belt, the heat shrinkage sleeve can wrap up the copper wire tightly. This way of maintenance will be new. The same.
Summary: Using this method to process the harness can save the time of replacing the whole vehicle harness and the cost of purchasing the automobile harness. It is simple and practical. The plugs, terminals and clamps for the maintenance of the automobile harness can be purchased directly from the automobile harness manufacturer.

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